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In Exelixis we offer high quality management services to ensure that your project will be funded and  implemented successfully. When your project is selected for funding, we provide our services as project partners, subcontractors or by assigning to the project members from our team. You can benefit from all or part from the following services according to the specific needs of your project.

Search for Funding

Searching for funding opportunities for your project can be a time consuming activity. Having an in-depth knowledge of the existing opportunities at an EU level and other funding sources, we can help you select the funding schemes that are appropriate for your project. We also offer consultancy to help   you establish your research partnerships.

Proposal Writing

Our Proposal Writing services start with a thorough pre-proposal preparation which can be a complicated task involving a lot of planning and hard work. 

We provide you with practical advice on administrative aspects of the proposal (e.g. inforgraphics, effort tables, detailed budget, ethics tables etc) and based on our firm understanding of the evaluation criteria, we undertake the writing of the implementation plan, a key element for a successful proposal.

Finally, given that the elements of accountability and value for money in the field of research spending have a special weight in the evaluation of a proposal, we help you address these issues in the writing of the "impact" section of your proposal. 

Budget-Workplan monitoring. Reporting


One of the most important tasks of our managers is to make sure that during the implementation phase of your project the work plan and the budget are closely monitored, which guarantees that all the expenses charged to the project will be eligible and that the project will survive a possible audit during or after its life cycle.

We completely undertake the drafting of the interim and final reports, their timely submission to the EC and the handling of any ECGA amendments that may arise during the execution of the project.

Finally, continuous legal ad hoc advice by experienced advisors will be available until the end of the project.

Dissemination activities

​The effective, timely and measurable dissemination of your project results is an important indicator of your project's and consortium success. We design and produce in-house a functional and practical project website, we educate your personnel in the use of the private area of the website, we build and maintain active social media accounts, project logos and other communication material such as electronic newsletters, project templates and brochures.

Event Management

Regular consortium meetings (physical or web) are part of the project's implementation plan. Our staff is very experienced in the organization of successful meetings, providing a range of services  like venue and equipment booking, catering, document distribution, keeping minutes.


Apart from internal consortium meetings we can also undertake the successful organization of external conferences, press conferences and other dissemination events.

Professional Training


You can mostly benefit from our know how in research project management, by inviting us to your premises for short but effective training sessions covering topics of your choice or even the entire spectrum of our services.


This tool can be especially useful for the training of your existing staff in day-to-day management of research projects, IP-related topics and communication tools and techniques

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