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Adequate and continuous funding is essential for researchers in order to perform frontier science. Having in-depth knowledge of the existing funding sources worldwide we can decisively support your efforts in order to transform your idea into a successful proposal.

It is common understanding among the scientists that a considerable amount of energy and time has to be spent in order to create a competitive research proposal and should the proposal be funded, even more time is needed for the execution of the overall management of the grant, excluding the pure scientific work which of course should be the main concern of the researchers.

In Exelixis, based on our experience, we strongly believe that the responsibility of the grant management should be undertaken by specialized managers in close co-operation with the PIs throughout the project. Thus, the scientists can use most of their energy to do science and at the same time they do not undertake responsibilities which stand far from their expertise.

Exelixis’ main area of practice is the EU funded programs. Our personnel has also worked with NIH grants and managed a big number of grants funded by private non-profit and other charities such as Michael J. Fox Foundation (USA), Parkinson’s Disease Foundation (USA), American Association of Cancer Research (USA), Association for International Cancer Research (UK), Wellcome Trust (UK), NARSAD (USA), Human Frontier Science Program (France). Last but not least, we have a long experience in managing Greek State Grants co-funded by 3rd KPS and ESPA such as, PENED, ΕPAN, PEP., COOPERATION etc.



A. Our Team actively supports you in the preparation of your proposal. Should the proposal be funded, we participate in the consortium as a separate SME partner undertaking the management of the whole consortium. 



​B.  We offer our services  on a (sub)contractual basis.

In both cases our services can be fully financed by the grant’s budget.

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